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BruHub Benefits
The 3-in-1 NuWave BruHub offers versatile options like a single serve, a carafe, and instant hot water. No longer choose between cost and convenience or between time and quality.
Clean Water
Great coffee requires good beans, the right brewing process, and of course good water. Bad water makes for bad coffee. The patented charcoal filter included with the BruHub ensures clean water, free of unwanted impurities.
Pure Taste
Most coffee makers use metal heating chambers to heat up the water. The innovative BruHub uses a glass water heating chamber to ensure pure, clean flavor without any unpleasant metallic taste you get from other coffee makers.
Perfect Temperature
The innovative thermal glass heater ensures an optimal temperature range of 195-200°F for the perfect cup of coffee. Then the double-walled insulated carafe keeps your coffee at the perfect temperature without burning.
Perfect Brew
The BruHub utilizes a unique flavor infusion to wet your coffee grounds, where a small amount of water is used to prep the coffee for brewing, just like decanting a bottle of wine. Plus, the unique showerhead offers a consistent and steady water flow to get the most out of your coffee grounds.
Specialty Drinks
With plenty of brewing options at your disposal, it’s never been easier to make your own cappuccino, mocha, cafe latte, iced coffee, and so much more. It’s like having a barista right in your own kitchen.
The adjustable mug tray is a huge plus! Just set it where it needs to be and make a single-serve minus any mess. No drips or splashes all over your counter. The removable parts are dishwasher safe, so cleanup is a breeze.
Compact Design
The BruHub replaces your old drip coffee maker, single-serve machine, hot water kettle and more, saving space in your kitchen.
Convenient & Fast
The BruHub’s intuitive interface makes it incredibly easy to select size or customize your brew with just a few button presses. With the BruHub’s speed and available options, you can get coffee shop taste without the coffee shop wait.
Good For You
Did you know that studies have shown that drinking coffee may reduce the risk of common ailments such as heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer? Coffee made in the BruHub uses clean water for an even healthier brew, and it tastes so good that you can forego the calorie-laden chemical additives found in many coffeeshop brews. And because you control what goes into your coffee, it’s healthier for you, and it can change your lifestyle.

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